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  • Casey

    Hi Zendesk - I'm using the "Hide part of your result" feature for displaying raw data.

    If I hide the first 3 rows, I get one row of data and then my totals:

    If I hide the first 4 rows, then nothing displays.

    My goal is to just have the totals displayed. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Jessica Thompson


    I have used the belle vue theme and we are trying to change the category page to show in rows instead of columns.   Please can you advise how I can change this.   Thanks

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Support Team

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I see you've created a standalone community post for this - I'll go ahead and reply directly to you there.



  • Dana Coffman

    I am wanting to sort by Assignee name, but clicking on the column header is only giving me a box to rename, it is not sorting.


    I have made sure "Allow column sorting" is checked, but still not working.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Dana,
    From the article Sorting results, it is mentioned there that the results in a Table query are displayed in the original order of the defining attribute.
    The defining attribute is actually the first attribute listed in the Rows section within a query as seen in the screenshot below:

    Based on the screenshot you have provided, the defining attribute is as follows:

    If you want to sort the query on the Assignee name attribute, you will have to transfer the said attribute on top of all the attributes in the Rows section.
    The Allow column sorting is only applicable for Metrics and not for Attributes.
    Feel free to read through the Sorting results article that I linked above for more information about sorting within queries. Hope this helps! :) 

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