Adding totals to results

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  • Jon Schlueter
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    I added "Sum" for the total, which helps in columns B and D, but it doesn't make sense for column C.  Can you please help me understand how I can add up a total here and have the percentage to be accurate?


  • Quentin
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    Similar question here, it was possible in Gooddata to choose which total you want to show for a specific column, for example here I want to have the SUM for solved tickets and agent replies but the AVG for FRT.


  • Kevin McCann
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    Is there a way to add the totals to stacked barcharts? In the Edit Configuration pane, under "Chart" there is a checkbox for "Stacked: Show total values" but when I check it, the visualization does not change.

  • Jessica Blake
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    @Jon from a cursory look at your query, it looks like your metric is reporting on the percentage of tickets with FRT < 30 minutes per agent, which is why the sum is not adding up to 100%. If you still have concerns about this, please send a ticket to so we can check out your query.

    @Quentin there's no way to show the sum for ticket updates count and then the average for the first reply time per your request. Instead from Result manipulation>Totals>Advanced you can add both the sum and the average to the chart. Check out the screenshots below:


    @Kevin sometimes the query will hide the total values when there is not enough room on the bar chart to show both sets of values. Try clicking on Chart configuration>Displayed values and change the Position setting to Inside.

    If that doesn't work, please send a ticket to so we can look into this further.


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