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  • Judd Higgins
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    Can you please add the ability to color select individual cells in Tables?  I have a Table Chart for Individual Satisfaction Scores and since I cannot choose which columns add up or give the average for, I need the ability to color the selected cells that we need to be aware of (See example chart below)

    Ideally I'd be able to hide the data I do not want in the chart, but the Hide features in Explore only apply to Entire Columns or Entire Rows.



  • Lotte
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    In some cases, I would like to be able to sort on attributes instead of metrics. For example when I create a table displaying a certain group of tickets, I want to sort them on created date rather than ticket count (since this is 1 on each row anyways). Is this possible somehow?

  • Kyle Jones
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    Hey there Lotte,


    That's definitely a very good question! There are a few different sort options you're able to do for chart styled reports. I'd recommend giving the A-Z sort a try (but your report would need to be for ticket creation/creation date), by default this would pull oldest to newest, but if you'd like this changed a Z-A sort will reverse that.


    If this doesn't achieve what you're looking for. Definitely let us know!

  • Adam Nattrass
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    I have a simple table that shows the amount of accepted, missed and declined calls an agent has for the previous day.

    I need to be able to sort the table by the agents name alphabetically to make it match up with another table I have for the total amount of tickets. 

    There only seems to be the option to sort the columns with data in and not the agents name. Is there any way to do this? I have tried using the result manipulation > sort but this only seems to affect the data columns rather than the agent name column.


  • Jessica Blake
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    Hi Adam,

    By default the table should be displaying the agents' names in alphabetical order. It could be that one of your filters is affecting the order the names are appearing in.

    I'll send you a ticket so we can have a closer look!


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