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  • Mengxin
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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to create the same bracket for calls and there's an error message on my query, whereas i've basically copy pasted "first reply time brackets". 

    Here's the first reply time brackets query:

    IF (VALUE(First reply time (min)) <= 60) 
    THEN "0-1 hrs"
    ELIF (VALUE(First reply time (min))>60 AND VALUE(First reply time (min)) <= 60*8)
    THEN "1-8 hrs"
    ELIF (VALUE(First reply time (min))>60*8 AND VALUE(First reply time (min)) <= 60*24)
    THEN "8-24 hrs"
    ELIF (VALUE(First reply time (min)) > 60*24)
    THEN ">24 hrs"
    ELSE "No Replies"

    And here's my query: 

    and the error message indicates that line 1 is not correct. 

    IF (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) <= 10)
    THEN "0-10 sec"
    ELIF (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) > 10 AND (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) <= 30)
    THEN "10-30 sec"
    ELIF (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) > 30 AND (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) <= 60)
    THEN "30-60 sec"
    ELIF (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) > 60
    THEN ">1 min"
    ELSE "Missed"
  • Ricardo
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    Hello, Mengxin,

    It looks like we have an open ticket with you regarding that. I will follow up there. Thank you!

  • Mengxin
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    Hello Ricardo,


    I dont see any open tickets, could you confirm? 

  • Ricardo
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    I have just sent you an email from that ticket. Hope it helps.

  • Katie Saddlemire
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    Is it possible to create a version of this that is within business hours? 



  • Joe Beaudoin
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    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your question!

    Yes, it's possible. The recipe calls for the Tickets metric and the First Reply Time Brackets attribute, but you will need to leverage the First Reply Time Business Hours (min) metric in a custom calculated attribute to get what you're asking for.

    Take a look at the following screenshot:

    Notice how the First Reply Time Brackets attribute has a syntax that references VALUE(first reply time (min)) -- you will need to build your calculated attribute in a similar fashion but reference VALUE(first reply time business hours (min)) instead. Any adjustments to the bracket ranges would be up to your discretion based on how you want the data to display.

    I hope that helps!

  • Christopher C.
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    How can you stack the result on top of each other and list them per day for the last 8 days?

    For example:

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Christopher,

    We have some documentation available that goes over setting up stacked bar charts here: Using stacked charts to display results

    You can then add your date filter for the last 8 days.

    Hope this helps!


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