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  • Thomas D'Hoe
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    Thanks for this one.

    How can I filter this report so that I only see the updates from a specific agent group?

    When I filter on Agent Group I still see agent names that not belong to that specific agent group.


    Thanks for the help.



  • Andy Killingsworth
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    Hey, Thomas. 

    Thanks for posting this issue, I'd like to help! To start, I'm not seeing your Ticket Group filter in that screenshot. If that filter was active, I'd expect to see it next to the Updater role filter, above the query display. 

    I tested this kind of filter and was able to make it work within my test account. 

    Here's my copy of this query pre-filter:

    And here it is with the filter applied:

    This filtering also works with the Update ticket group, if you want to filter by the group to which the ticket was assigned at the time of an update.

    Please make sure your filter is appropriately added and let us know if the issue persists!


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