How can I view tickets I follow?

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  • Joel Boonstra
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    Hey Brett,

    Both of these options seem like workarounds for a theoretical much simpler option, which would be to specify "Ticket: Followers + contains + (current user)" or something similar when creating a view. I realize that that's not available, but it seems like something that should be available.

    Do you know if this feature is in the works? It would certainly help to integrate the Followers feature in with a more typical Support workflow.


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Joel,

    No new view filters are currently planned for implementation. The team that works with that part of the product is focusing on infrastructure and stability for the current development cycle.

    If you'd like to make the suggestion for a future roadmap, you can post your idea to the Support Product Feedback Forum. Here are details on how to write an effective feedback post.

  • Kevin Miodek
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    Hi Nicole,

    Is this option only available for enterprise customers for now?
    I can't see it in my account.


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