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  • Reine Berg

    To bad!
    Our customer uses Swedish so the answer bot is not helping at all.



  • Ludvig Warrer

    What other languages are you currently planning on supporting? Any nordic languages in the making?

  • Jeffrey Sung

    What happens if a customer searches in a foreign language (German, French, Chinese, etc?) and all of our articles are in English only? Would Answer Bot still be able to suggest relevant articles?

  • Mark Nino Valencia
    Zendesk team member

    Jeffrey Sung
    Answer Bot uses language detection machine learning model to detect language based on the subject and description or the text used for emails. If your articles are in English and the customer wrote in a different language, it will not yield results.

    Answer bot will also not yield results in the Web Widget but, it will failover to Help Center search to match the keywords used and offer articles matching the text entered.


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