Assigning distribution pools (round robin) in Sell

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  • David Valenzuela

    I am trying to get an import to work. In the CSV do we have to assign every lead randomly? I thought the system would do it by itself... What if we already did the import? This step has been very confusing and I find the instructions not very helpful above. Please help.

  • Kharlo
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi David,

    The "ownership" field controls this on import. If you don't have an "ownership" column in your file, all records in that file will be assigned to the person who did the import.

    Otherwise, if you have owners listed for each record in your file, you can map the ownership column in their file to the ownership field in Sell.

    This will bring up an interface which allows you to match each owner listed in the file to Sell agents.

    Kharlo | Customer Advocate


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