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  • Aaron dempsey

    If you sign up for reach do you get access to some templates for email sequences?

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Aaron dempsey,

    You are correct that we have two features, email templates in Zendesk Sell as well as email sequences, that are available through different plans.

    1. Email templates: Admins can set up an email template for leads or contacts that can be used by all Sell users on your account. 
    2. Email sequences: You can set up an email sequence to engage leads (prospects) by automatically sending them emails at intervals. A sequence is a series of actions that specify how and when sales reps contact new leads. Sequence emails are created using a template, so you need to have specified a number of suitable lead email templates before setting up an email sequence.

    As far as which plan or Reach add-on you need to purchase and use these features: 

    1. Email templates: Available on the Sell Professional plan and above
    2. Email sequences: Although the email templates feature is not available on our Sell Team plan, if you trial or purchase Reach, you will automatically have access to this feature.

    Overall, if you have the ability to create and send email sequences we will automatically give you the ability to create email templates (as email templates are needed in order to configure sequences). 

    See the support article: Can I buy any Reach plan, no matter what my Sell plan is?


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