Working with the Zendesk Sell app in Support

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  • Rodger Bradford
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    Hello, we recently installed the Sell App for Support.  One of the shortcomings is the inability to select the Assignee on the Sell side of things.  From what I can gather, all of the Notify Sales tickets can only go to one person. This person is assigned via the Sell Admin>Integration panel. 

    We would like the ability to assign the Sell agent through the app. Thank you!

  • Emma Tett
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    'If a requester from an incoming ticket would have a more meaningful conversation with someone from your sales team, quickly create a Lead in Sell by clicking on the "Create Lead" button directly in the Sell app in Zendesk Support" 

    - Is there a way to automatically notify the sales team or the person the new lead is assigned to that a new lead has been created? 

    I don't want to have to ping an email to the sales team every time I create a new lead, leads will fall between the cracks. 



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