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  • Richard Almeida

    Thanks Katie ! You save my day 😄

  • Coco Freling

    This is great, however, Last Month captures the full previous month whereas This Month stops at the current date (for obvious reasons). This means this is not a direct comparison (ex. 31 days compared to say, 15 days). How can I filter Last Month to show just the first 15 days of the month so that the results of Tickets Created This Month vs Tickets Created Last Month comes from a more comparable time frame?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Coco Freling,

    I would create a time calculated metric to accomplish this report. It should allow you to make the comparison as you described and I've linked below an article that goes into detail on this topic. 

    Adding time and date calculated metrics

    Best regards. 

  • Ryan Boyer

    How would I create a custom metric of measuring the % change in Agent Engagement (Guide dataset - Knowledge Capture) of month over month and year over year?


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