Using Flow Builder to automate customer conversations (beta)

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  • 신승빈

    Can I only use it when activating the answer bot?

    And, can't it be activated in the sandbox?

  • Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager


    You don't need to have an active Answer Bot subscription to use the Flow Builder. As long as you have signed up to the messaging beta, you will be able to access it through Admin Center. 

    It can't be activated in a sandbox environment today but if you would like to test a flow, you can use the previewer feature in the Flow builder. 

  • Andrew

    I tried setting this up with social channels, but I think it's really only useful if you can create a separate flow that applies to social.  I also don't understand if it can be used without answerbot, even if I delete the steps it still returns article suggestions and that might not make sense on Facebook messenger where it's more of a chat experience

  • Amie B

    Hi Team,

    It would be nice if I could direct a customer to a ticket form, as well as connect them with an agent. i.e Give them the option to go to form, or live chat. sometimes customers don't have time to chat and i feel if there's no option to submit a request via a form somewhere in the flow, then the customer technically hits a wall and results in a bad experience. 

    (Correct me if I'm wrong and missing something here with functionality)?



  • Mike Mortimer
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Andrew, support for social and having a flow for each brand (and mapping brands to flows) is something we're working to address. You'll still have a single flow for a brand but at least then you'll have a consistent experience across channels for that brand, right now social channels will always use the default brand and associated flows.

    Hey Amie! With messaging, the idea of forced channel switching goes away, as an end-user I should be empowered to choose the right channel to switch to when I need to switch, e.g. if I'm told that that expected response time may take a few hours and I can't stay on the computer or come back to it later, then I should be able to provide my email address (and/or switch to a social channel in the future) to continue the conversation there. Re-engagement via email is coming soon, with social channel linking to follow shortly after

  • Matt Nade (MOVUS)

    Is it possible to make filling in Name / Email / etc mandatory?

  • Ruben

    Is there a way to build a flow for the answer bot to create a support ticket if no chat users are currently online? I've noticed that chats still get forwarded to agents when they are set as invisible. I'd hate to have users sitting there waiting for an agent reply when none are available or online.

  • Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Matt Nade (MOVUS)

    If you configure your transfer to agent step with name and email, they will be mandatory fields before an end-user can be transferred to an agent. 

  • Matt Nade (MOVUS)

    Hi Shiyu Zhu - that's not working in all cases unfortunately.

    See the ZD support ticket number 6081159

    I'm looking for a way to make it mandatory at all times, as it seems they can be transferred to an agent without selecting the flow builder step......

    If I am incorrect, please let me know, as I'd love to solve this.


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