Explore recipe: Count of tickets for a custom ticket field value

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  • Adam Batt

    This is exactly what I am looking to do except... my chart is displaying the tag instead of the ticket field name in the chart. How do I get it to display the name instead of the tag?

  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Adam,
    Previously, Explore displayed custom field values as a tag instead of the actual value. If you have query filters, calculated metrics, or calculated attributes that reference the tag values, update these with the new custom field value to ensure they continue to work correctly.
    Use the tips in the table from the article below to understand how custom fields work in Explore and how you can get the best from them: 
    Hope this helps :) 
  • AJ

    If for example I added a Custom Ticket Field like Customer Behavior with the following options: High Intent, Inquiring, Unresponsive

    How do I create a chart that puts the numerical values for each kind of response side by side.

    And if I want to have it shown on a per week basis or a per month basis, how do I set it up?

    Hopefully someone can assist me with this in the soonest. Thanks.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi AJ –
    Try adding your Customer Behavior as the attribute in Step 7 above. Then, to see how those change month over month, try adding Ticket Created - Month into Columns.
  • Marsy

    In this custom field we have links.  In some cases some of our tickets will contain the same link because it is tied to the same field.  How would I exclude the counts where this is a duplicate link as I only want to get the actual number of links, not the tickets containing the links


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Marsy,
    The main point of this report is to count the number of tickets that contains a custom field. However, you can easily find the number of values by checking the row counts of your query. 


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