Can I receive desktop or browser notifications when tickets are created or updated?

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  • Lindsay Crouch

    I would also like to have this available as a native feature in Zendesk. When things are very busy, I get bombarded with so many emails about Zendesk tickets that the notifications I actually want to see often get lost. This can sometimes lead to delays in getting back to folks about time-sensitive issues if I do not see a pending ticket reappear as "open" soon enough. If I could get a notification as soon as a pending or solved ticket reappears in My Open Tickets, it would be very helpful. 

  • Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello @...,

    Really appreciate you sharing your use case with us, and I'll be sure to pass this along to our product team. I would still recommend posting your request on our product feedback forum so other users can vote on your suggestion and where our product team responds to user requests. 

    Best regards. 

  • Lindsay Crouch

    Hi @...

    Thanks for clarifying that. I thought this was the feedback forum, but I see now that when I searched to see if anyone else had already posted this issue, I ended up in the Support section instead of Community. I'll repost in the product feedback forum now. 

  • Gina Palomares

    Is there an update on this one? Would love to have this added zendesk. The browser notification is really helpful. 

  • Ana

    Same here, browser notifications would be extremely helpful! 

  • Michael Emmerson

    Hi All,

    As Frank mentioned, our Notify app integrates with your existing or new triggers to provide one possible solution to this. The app also supports browser notifications for Chrome and Firefox.

    I know many people would still like to see this feature built into Zendesk, however until then, you are more than welcome to try out the app on a 14-day free trial as you might be pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

  • Steve

    It would be really helpful if we had notification or the status was changed to New whenever there was an update. Email noitifications don't work for me. If it is not in my ticket view I won't act upon it. The phone app gives me notiifications, Why can't the browser version?  

  • Mitja Pritržnik

    Same here. Email suxx for notifications. Mobile app isnt good for handling support (if one exists).

    So the only way is to regulary sign into browser, wich leads to human errors (peoples forgetz).

  • Nicky Mogensen

    The year is 2022.... please tell us that this is under development and coming soon.

    E-mail notifications are the worst, and I have disabled all - it simply ruins the point of e-mails.

  • Jody Durkacs

    Our only option for this is a paid subscription to a tool that should be a standard Zendesk feature? What's next, charging us for file attachments?

    No thanks. I can't believe that E-mail is still our only option. 


  • Chelsea Fox

    Its difficult that I have to keep refreshing my page to see if a status on a ticket have changed. The email notifications are too bulky. Would love notifications in Zendesk! A pop-up with windows, a noise notification, and/or a flashing tab within the browser.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Chelsea,
    Welcome to the community! Have you checked into the Notify app available in our marketplace?
  • Victor Guiselino

    I didn't know Zendesk was developed by EA Games, forcing us to buy DLC's instead of simply introducing a feature that's already there, on the Chat tool. 

  • Chaimiao Wu


    Agents can pick up new coming messaging tickets here, but it's too easy to ignore since it has no change in color and size. 


    Do you have plan to make it more striking? Ringing alert, browser pop-up prompt, bigger prompt within Zendesk Support page are both OK. This is important to us.

  • Josh

    Its really embarrassing a company as big as Zendesk, to this day, who touts 30,000 customers on their website, does not find it necessary to add any type of browser or in-app notifications to their platform. We must resort to (and pay for) someone else to do this basic task. 

  • Ivan

    I didn't believe it first but here we are. No in-app notifications in the application that is assumed to solve real-time collaboration problems. More than that, email notification don't have a link to a ticket. So I need to open Zendesk and search for the isssue, I got email notification about, manually!

    This is the definition of the word "ridiculous".  

  • Quinn Casey

    This was literally the last step I was going to take before upgrading my free trial, setting up an external address forwarding, and going live. This is an embarrassing omission and makes me wonder what else is left out of the product.

  • Mike Xu

    This would be a great feature to have instead of having to constantly refresh the page.

  • Stephen

    Hi, I wanted to see if there is any movement on this feature ?

    Are there plans to bring in built-in notifications to Zendesk, similar to almost any other platform (Atlassian platforms / Hubspot)?

    Email notifications are difficult to parse in high volume environments. It also takes agents out of Zendesk to check for ticket updates.

    I fully appreciate that Sweethawk offer what seems like a super robust option, but paying an additional fee for what should be inbuilt functionality is disappointing.

  • Stephen

    Hi, just adding to my previous comment, I just found that there is a notification feed (customisable by an Agent) in Zendesk Sell.

    This is really strange feature disparity between the platforms.

    Any feedback from Zendesk as to whether this feature is something we can expect would be really appreciated.

  • Jack Stone

    You can check Notify Me Chrome plugin to get real time zendesk notifications. 

  • Rox Wong

    I completely agree with the idea that Zendesk should give notifications to everyone, no matter what plan they have. It's pretty clear that Zendesk should automatically tell users when they get a new ticket or when a ticket they're working on gets updated. This should be a basic feature. It helps people work better and respond quickly to clients without needing to keep checking the main screen.

    It's important that these notifications happen inside Zendesk, not through emails. After all, the reason we use Zendesk is to keep all our communication in one place and make things easier. Email notifications would make it more complicated.

    Also, I do not want to install third-party apps for this notification feature, so please don't tell me it's available at a cost.


  • Keti

    +1 It's essential to receive notifications.

    We utilize side conversations (tickets) for inter-team communication. When Team A raises a ticket to Team B (side conversation), how does the team become aware that a ticket has been updated? Whether it's through a quick popup lasting a couple of seconds or refreshing the view to see the ticket status...

    Current solutions:

    Email: Although enabled, it's not practical as agents receive numerous personal and external emails.
    Slack: Limited to channels and doesn't support direct messages.
    Third-Party App: Additional cost involved.


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