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  • Scott Franke

    Version 2.3.0 - 2021-07-29

    • Made all Paid plans available as Free (Marketplace update coming soon)

    With today's release we are seeing some odd behavior.

    We have this setup for the Basic plan but the app is behaving as if we have Premium. It is prompting to confirm recipients and public comments. Is this expected? We'd like to continue to have only the functionality of the basic plan even if the premium plan is now free. 

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Scott,

    The new update will convert and incorporate all paid features into Free plan. That said, you will now have full access to all the app features.


  • Scott Franke

    Thanks @...

    I'd like to request that in a future update, we have the ability to select which features we enable for this app. While it is nice that we are getting all of the premium features at no cost now, it would be nice to be able to choose which confirmations the agents need to do.

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your feedback. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the product feedback topics in the community and Help center help influence future Zendesk functionality.


  • Daniel James


    I'm not seeing any option for a free plan - in fact, the latest update seemed to have removed the functionality of the app entirely. Only option now is to pay.

    Any help would be great?

  • Jack Naisbett

    +1 in favour of configuring which features are enabled. Ticket CC confirmation is proving disruptive for us so we're looking at alternative approaches to keep the core function of reviewing the ticket message before submitting.

  • Dave Dyson

    @... You should see the app listed as free now, let us know if you're still not seeing that. 

    @... Thanks for your feedback as well.

  • Molly Short


    When a ticket contains multiple images, regardless of whether we confirm each image individually or use the "Confirm All" option, the Save button remains grayed out. We are using automatic ticket submission after timeout, so we have a workaround, but just wondering if this is expected behavior?

  • Adrian Joseph Magboo
    Zendesk Employee

    Hi Molly, 

    It looks like not all attached files in the ticket are selected yet that's why the Save button is grayed out. That is the expected behavior as when clicking Confirm All or selecting all of the attached files, it should also check the box beside Filename indicating it selected all attached files. Here's a screenshot:

    I hope this helps. Let me know if this is not the case for you and we’ll get this sorted out!




  • Stacey

    How can I turn off the "Confirming recipients" option.  We don't need that.  It is preventing our automations from functioning properly.

  • Beto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Stacey, thank you very much for your question!

    The "confirm recipients" feature used to be a plus and premium feature, but it has since been added to the free plan. I'm afraid that currently, there is no way of "deactivating" this feature while using the app. If there is a follower or a CC on the ticket, the App will have the "confirm recipients" section on the pop up.

    I can recommend you to add your feedback to the "Cancel Ticket Submit" app request thread. The more traction your post receives, the more chances there are for our Development team to consider implementing the change.
    I hope this was helpful!
  • Jacob R.

    I added to the app request thread 2 months ago with no response, so I will post here.

    We've now had to disable this app because of how much chaos it can potentially cause. Can you help me understand why the default would be to strip out the CC's on a ticket? 

    It would make sense to have by default all of the CC's checked and remove them as you see fit, but having them default to not being selected is setting up agents and end-users for failure.

    It is so simple to miss checking a box and then the end-user doesn't receive the response. I like the concept of this app, but I disagree with how it's currently configured. Are there any plans to revisit the functionality within it?


  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for providing your feedback! Rest assured that we keep track of this requests and threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.

    Specific examples, details about impact, and how you currently handle things are the most helpful things to share to help our product teams understand the full scope of the need when working on solutions and I believe that is something that you have shared already. 

    I'd suggest following our Announcement page or the said thread for any updates if ever there are plans to update the said app.


    We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the product feedback topics in the community help influence future Zendesk functionality.

  • Toshihiko Kodama

    The features of this app are very powerful, but I have not been able to use it because I cannot set prohibited words for each brand. I strongly hope you will add a feature that allows us to set banned words for each brand.
    Thank you!

  • Tom Sycko-Miller

    It seems that many users would like to have the "CC" recipients selected by default. Is that on the product roadmap? If it is, is there an estimate for when that might be implemented?

    It's causing a lot of trouble for our users, especially since the CC's are permanently removed from the ticket, so it's hard to undo the problem if a recipient is accidentally excluded from an update.

    I'd rate the severity as a 4 out of 5.

  • Stacy Robinson
    Zendesk Luminary

    It appears the confirm recipients is still not working correctly. I have an agent sending an email that includes 3 internal folks and an external user. The Confirm pop up does not include the external user.


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