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  • Esther Castellanos Garcia


    Please, can I access to Explore using my smartphone? 

    Thanks ; )

  • Tod Brown

    Hi Esther, my name is Tod, with Zendesk Customer Advocacy! Regarding the inquiry about using Explore on a smartphone, this is currently not supported. While it can work on a tablet, such as an iPad, it cannot work on a smartphone, as the browser window is not wide enough to show Explore.


  • Venn TLV

    Hi, is there a way to sort tickets by other fields or custom fields (like Type or Apartment number) other than the ones that appear as default: requester, assignee, date created etc?

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Venn TLV,

    Since we can search keywords based on tags, we can search using custom fields if the field value has a tag associated with it. Ex. Drop-down or checkbox field value. 


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