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  • David McDaid

    Hi there,

    Firstly, thanks very much for the great recipe.


    Like others, I was looking for a recipe that showed just the percentage value by itself, but I'm getting the same error message Logan was getting


    The set of calculations isn’t valid. The calculated measure "SUM(chatsfirstrepliedinunder30seconds-de069ccd00)" references "Chats first replied in under 30 secs" which is as an unknown metric. Adjust the calculation and try again. (Error code: 3a4985d9)

    Is anyone able to provide some further insight as to what was causing this?





  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey David,

    It looks like you haven't received a response on this post. Can you confirm you're using the Chat dataset when setting up this metric?

    If that's not the case, could you provide a screenshot of the metric you've created so we can take a look?

    Thanks in advance!

  • David McDaid

    Hi Brett,


    Thanks for reaching out.


    I can confirm that I am using the Chat dataset. Do you still need a screenshot of the metric I've created?


    Kind regards



  • Julie Mathevet

    Hello David,

    I'll be creating a ticket on your behalf so we can dive into this issue further, you can expect an email notification shortly. Feel free to attach the screenshot in reply to this email.

    Thank you!

    Julie | Technical Support Engineer


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