How can I switch from the Gmail connector to standard email forwarding?

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  • Alex Bakman

    Referred to instructions in the article, and it doesn't work..

    Step 3 - made default

    Step 4: Select disconnect ..
    After that step, removed from the list (expected)

    Step 5 - Gmail FW Done

    Step 6 - Select Add address > Connect External Address and then Step 7 - Click through the next screens. 

    Failed with:

    "Please make sure you’ve updated your Gmail settings by following the steps above."

    It works, when I did instead:
    Select Add address > "Connect Other" 

    After that step, Add address > "Connect External Address" wizard works too

    Note - side task of #6640721 case

  • Bonnie
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Alex, thanks so much for sharing. Yes, for specific types of email addresses (usually email addresses that are also distribution lists, aliases, or groups) you will need to use the Connect other option instead. With most support addresses, the Connect external address option will still work. This support tip Unable to add Gmail address as an external support address discusses the Connect other option.


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