Can I use an email alias, distribution list, or Google Group as a support address?

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  • 菱沼 美咲姫

    I plan to set it according to this article, but I accidentally set the distribution list  that should be registered from "Connect Others" as an external support address.


    In this case, when I add it from “Connect Others”, will it be automatically removed from the external support address? Do I have to delete it before adding it as another connection?


    I would appreciate it if you could teach me. Thank you very much.

  • Ronald Suplido Jr
    Hi! I would recommend that you remove the existing address first before you re-add it using the "Connect other" method.

     If you're trying to connect a distribution type of email, this article ( gives you an overview of how it's supposed to be configured in your email host side. Essentially, the distribution email should only contain Zendesk-owned support address and nothing else. If your mail host supports removal of the footer in Group emails, I suggest that you do that too. Cheers!
  • 菱沼 美咲姫

    Hi, Ronald! Thank you for your kind response. I will try it that way. Have a good day!


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