How can I view tickets I follow?

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  • Zaar Hai

    Really surprising that filtering by follower is not natively supported out the box. And even more surprising that there are no plans to implement it.

    And btw, the link to Support Product Feedback Forum is broken.

    Regardless, if I were Product Manager in ZD, I would've considered these comments as a gold and definitely would not force users into filling up more forms to submit their feedback once they've already expressed it here in a clear & concise form.

  • Paul Hughes

    Hi Brett, 

    Thanks for putting this together, i'm having issues getting this feature to work can you help? So I setup this view and its looking for tags within a ticket which would have my name attached, so if my coworker added me as a follower my view should recognise this and that ticket should show up in my "tickets im following" view. 

    So when i create the view and add in follower_agent_name where do I get the name? for example my name on the system might be John Johnson but we can add a space so is it JJohnson, my email on the system and my username might be So which name do we use here? 


    If this works great, but just need some clarity on how its meant to be done. 



  • This doesn't help for times when you get mentioned in a ticket comment and therefore automatically set to "follow" the ticket.... Please add a view or provide the view option to filter tickets based on "Following user" "is" "(current user)". Thank you!

  • Xema

    So my Agent can only see tickets from the Agent's organisation. When this Agent is set as follower of a ticket from another organisation, the Agent can access this ticket. Everything as expected. But if I create a view for tickets containing a particular tag, I would expect all tickets with that tag, belonging to the Agent's organisation, AND also where the Agent is a follower to be shown in that view. But those last tickets are not shown... Is that the expected behaviour?

  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Xema! That is expected - if an agent is limited to tickets within their group or organization, the only place those followed tickets can be seen is within the agent's profile directly (views won't show tickets outside of a restricted agent's access)

  • Óskar Ómarsson


    These limitations of followers is quite surprising. Would be much more valuable feature if it was treated like other fields like assignee and could be used in triggers and views.

    One could actually argue that this is somewhat expected of a feature like this.

    It is also quite counter intuitive that this is treaded differently from others, the notification part is something special rather than following Zendesk mantra to do everything through triggers.

    I sincerely hope that this great feature will get more attention and grow to it's full potential.

    Best regards

  • Rodrigo Fontoura

    Kinda surprised that after 2 years of a simple request, no solution has been designed.

  • Jim Uomini

    One of the most infuriating phrases I hear regularly is we have no plans to develop the basic usability feature you requested but go ahead and leave feedback. What's the point of that when you ignore this kind of feedback and keep rolling out new features. And don't get me started on Explore, which is an inferior reporting engine to the one it replaced. Years go by with things that should be core features not being addressed. Your charm can only go so far to address a product with more holes than Swiss cheese.

    Please make support more usable.

  • Shawn Yarnold

    I concur with the others.. the functionality of having access to create a View for tickets that you follow would be an essential addition to the application. 

  • Melanie Gapany

    Literally just here to add my voice to this. follower_agent_xxx doesn't even produce a result on my views at all so this filter view doc isn't even correct.

    This needs to be added to the feature roadmap.

  • James Powell

    I suspect it's pointless to add that I ended up here while trying to add a view which includes tickets I'm following.  I'm astonished that there are still no plans to implement this.

  • Óskar Ómarsson

    @... hope fully if more customers voice their concerns this will be heard.

    I'm still waiting for this one, and I am still as surprised as ever that this isn't supported, can't imagine this to be a complex thing to add, and if this is really such a big task that would raise a huge red flag in my mind as a software developer.

  • Cardenas, Romulo

    Our team is also interested in this feature to track the tickets they are working/following.

  • Kevin Mauldin

    Here to add my name to the list. This should be a default view for Light Agents. I was also surprised to find out that it's not possible to even create a custom view for this :(

  • Michael Hoyte

    Adding my name to this also, should have been implemented when followers were introduced, I mean why wouldn't it?

  • Dave Gladys

    I'm adding my name to the list of disgruntled agents that can't get a view that is essential especially when more than one user can't be assigned to a ticket. Also, the follower macro doesn't work for me, which is how I ended up here. 

  • Reggie Richard

    We would like to have a view that allows to view tickets I follow that are open, pending, etc. 

  • Jenna Treat

    Disappointed that this still isn't a feature after the number of comments on this post. Any idea when you'll be implementing something like this? It's really frustrating to have to train your team to go to their profile to view these. 

    Adding a label for each individual agent that they themselves have to add to a ticket is a pretty ridiculous work around, especially when you have a large number of agents. I only have 10 and I do not want to do that. 

  • Nemo

    It's ridiculous that the 'Follow' box has such high priority in the view ticket page but the Zendesk team wound NOT do anything to utilize this function for their customers.

  • Meg Gunther

    We use the Follow for when our agents forward a ticket to another group. we currently do not let that role see all tickets, so this allows them to stay in the loop. We use this for full and light agents. Now if a client reaches out to our tier one to check the status they have WAY more clicks then if they could just look at a view. I find the current process super inefficient, I have over 200 users, we will not be creating macros/ Triggers for each user and then managing that, Please just add a Follower option in the views like you have Assignee or requester. 

  • David Leigh

    Absolutely agree with the comments above!!!   This should be basic!!!  Something like a "Follower" view condition.  Similar use case to Meg Gunther.  I have inherited a Zendesk account which is riddled with agents being assigned to every group and organization imaginable and only now it became clear that the entire organization/groups model was broken just to allow followers to see tickets they were following. Completely ridiculous that agents have to search for tickets just to see tickets they were added to as followers.

  • Atakeli Ah Hoy

    I don't know what good this'll do since Zendesk hasn't done anything to heed the requests of those above me but I'd like voice my support for a 'Following' view! 

  • Rina

    I also would like to add my interest in such a feature, to make it easier to search - rather than having a macro with tags and/or having to go to the user page to search for this. Thanks!

  • Josh Lopez

    Coming from intercom this was a huge thing to communicate between agents and we are upset this basic feature isn't added yet.

  • Sovellin Admin (Sovellin Ltd)

    Ability of creating views based on followers is very much needed and in my opinion a very basic feature that should absolutely already be available. Using macro adding tags is not an efficient way of working for big teams.

  • Bill Dorminy

    I have to say that it is very disappointing this isn't a lot easier. Every time I become a follower on a ticket, I have to go search for the ticket number. I tried creating this view, but if my name isn't in the "tag" section of the ticket, the view won't work. Why "Tags"? Why not "Followers"? 


    needing this feature as well - a view for this function 

  • Óskar Ómarsson

    Still waiting on this one, just wanted to report another use case for this.

    In our organisation we need input from employees in different departments that have no need to be a full agent in Zendesk, aside from the cost we don't want to teach them how to use Zendesk as these interactions are occasional per employee.

    To solve this we have these employees as Light agents in Zendesk, that way our front-line employees can use mention in internal notes that will deliver emails to the light agent that can reply to that email that will deliver a message to the ticket as an internal note.

    This setup works fine, things are simple and just work.

    Until a light agent goes out of office, then it would be really handy to be able to create a view to monitor tickets where those agents are added as followers.

  • Gypsy Burks

    plus one vote for anything that allows reporting or views for ticket Followers. 
    for HIPAA compliance reasons, we really need to have a better way to see who views ticket information. Please add this feature to your roadmap!

  • Barbara Brauner


    This feature would be really useful.


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