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  • David Roi
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jennifer,

    Wish to confirm the above “Note”, it is recording as “ need to use one of our mobile apps”, I want to confirm, what the mobile app is?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

  • Daniel Ray

    Firefox latest version and your system doesn't work. asking me too login

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Daniel,

    I have created a ticket on your behalf so I can investigate further. Kindly check your email for updates! Thanks!
  • Michael Overkamp


    we have a customer which is not able to login via Firefox with enabled "Enhanced Tracking Protection". He does not see any error Message.

    When clicking on Login, then nothing happens in the GUI.
    It "reloads" the site and adds the "return_to" to the URL.
    Also Firefox blocks a "wthout_frame.js". 

    Maybe you are able to add a error message for this?


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