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  • Ed Ball

    I added another filter for Requester Status is Active. That cut my list down quite a bit.

  • Matt Simpson

    so I have created a custom metric around this, but what I have not been able to figure out how to report by month. So assuming no turnover this would increase each month (avg or Med, or even Min), but It would be very interesting to see ticket resolution time vs agent length of service (as well as many other comparisons with agent length of service).

    Has anyone had any tried or been successful in figuring this out?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Matt, if you're asking how to calculate length of service by months instead of by days, you can do that by changing the last argument of the DATE_DIFF function in your standard calculated metric from "nb_of_days" to "nb_of_months". See the DATE_DIFF listing here for more options: Explore functions reference
  • Matt Simpson

    No, I am good with using days of service, but I would like a report by month in avg days if service by agent. So with. I turnover each month would increase. But if I added new agents it would lower.

    Then from here I could look at CSAT by agent service days, etc.

    Hopefully that makes sense.


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