Creating a Sell Voice call list for automatic dialing

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  • Paul Mooney

    How do we use the 'Call via Desktop App' feature on a Sell Call List? This feature is available from the drop down by clicking on the phone number in a Contacts Smart List or in single contact view and is very handy when calling contacts using multiple area codes (Sell is limited to one phone number). A work around would be to have the option to add the Contact's Phone numbers to a Deals list similar to a Contacts list. As of now we can add the Primary Contact Street, City, etc fields to a Deals Smart List but for some reason Primary Contact Phone Number is not an option.  

  • Nate Brown

    Hi Paul,

    The Call via Desktop App allows you to dial using your computer's default calling app. It is important to note that whatever calling app you are looking to use will have to be set as the default on your computer!

    As for storing a phone number on the deal, while we suggest storing phone numbers specific to individuals on contact records, you can always create a "phone number" type custom field for your deals. Be sure you select "phone number" as the field type, and you will be able to click the number on a deal to dial just as you would for a contact!

    Nate Brown
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell CRM
    Visit our Support Center - Email us at - Call us at +1 888 670 4887 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PT

  • Paul Mooney


    Our desktop calling app works great and is setup correctly. The issue is when working with deals smart lists we have no way to use the Call via Desktop App unless we click on the deal then click on the contact to then click on the phone number and bring up the drop down to trigger the Call via Desktop App function. It would make the process easier if we had to ability to add the contact's phone number field to a deal smart list similar to a contacts smart list.  

    Or, even better, if we had the ability to click on a phone number from a Call List and trigger the drop down with the Call via Desktop App feature. Either way, adding a new phone field to a deal record and then manually entering thousands of phone numbers would be a long and counter productive process.

    Thanks for your quick response!


  • sholto ramsay

    Is it possible to change the speed of the dialer. For example call after X seconds after a call is finished OR alternatively to have a time allocated to finishing off from previous call as in support where an agent is allowed XX seconds before they go online after a call is finished

  • Miles Ilog
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi zendesk-bellaandduke,

    We currently don’t have the option to change the interval in between calls and it’s not yet possible to modify the speed of dialing at the moment.

    That being said, we encourage you to submit this as product feedback so other users can upvote it. Please check out the Zendesk Sell Community Feedback section.

  • Cesar De La Garza

    can you drop a pre-recorded voicemail?

  • Dekbi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Cesar,
    Apparently, voicemail can only be used if you could not take a call from one of your customers. Also, Voicemail is only available through the Early Access Program which you need to register here.
    For your reference: Voicemail EAP: Setting up and using voicemail in Sell Voice
    I hope this helps. Feel free to reach back if you have further questions.

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