Exporting data from Zendesk Sell

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  • Rodger Bradford

    Hello, I noticed that the Export takes quite a long time to complete.  Is there any way to set some parameters?  For example, I only need to see the activity from the past 7 days.  If I could enter a date range, it would probably speed up the export.  

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Rodger! While the full account export will just export everything - you might be able to export a Smart List with any filter you like applied, to achieve what you are looking for. I would take a look at this article to see if that would be the right solution for you: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041516613-Exporting-a-smart-list.



  • Thomas Tierney

    Hello I was wondering if I could use the Sell API to pull data from Zendesk Sell. Is this possible on this platform?

  • Austine Hipol

    Hi Thomas,

    You can export through our API endpoints listed here: https://developers.getbase.com/

    Let us know if you have further questions.



  • Bianca Jolly

    how do I export emails?  I have been told this is not possible but it is our data so I am unsure as to why Zendesk won't give this option?

  • Kaja

    Hi Bianca, We don't really store any emails on our end. Sell only "mirrors" what is in your email server and maps based on email address. The best idea would be to use your email server to export all emails. If you delete an email in your external email the email will also disappear in your Sell (but when you delete in Sell it won't be deleted in your email.)

    Warm Regards

    Kaja Błachowicz | Zendesk Sell | Technical Support Engineer Visit our Support Center

  • Roland Hill


    I'm trying to download a large batch of "documents" from Sell. The download links have a time bound token which is meant to be for 90min, yet I'm having my downloads cancelled, sometimes after only 15mins. The reason being "token expired". How can this be?

    Many thanks.


  • Roland Hill


    Now that the full export excludes "documents" how do you propose we download the time-bound links in bulk?

    The API only allows for one Resource ID at time (and one Resource Type)

    I need all URLs to feed into a script that backups our documents stored in Zendesk. Doing this one Resource ID at a time is not efficient.


  • Bri Fitzgerald
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Roland! Grateful for your patience. This is out of scope for the support we can provide. I would ask that you review the documentation for Sell's Documents API. There's not a simple action in place to obtain the documents in bulk. But you and your team should be able to create a script to loop through the resource types and IDs, and then feed that into the existing documents endpoint.

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