Creating a topmost manager in the user hierarchy

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  • Taylor Choonhaurai

    Why is a topmost manager not the person with all the contacts reporting to them? This is not very clear. If everyone reports to the topmost manager, why are there no reportees?


  • Kaja

    Hi Taylor, thanks for the question! Actually, the topmost manager should have all the (Sell) users reporting to them. If you are seeing it differently in your account or have any issues with the user hierarchy please open a ticket with Zendesk Sell Support (including screenshots) so we can look into it in more detail.

    Warm Regards

    Kaja Błachowicz | Zendesk Sell | Technical Support Engineer Visit our Support Center

  • Ben Minutoli

    How do I delete a topmost manager 


  • Laura Hippert
    Hi Ben! Any admin in the account can make another admin the topmost manager. This can be done from their user settings in Sell. (See: Managing users in Sell). In their user settings, you'll see the option to make that admin the topmost manager: 

  • Shannon Simmons

    There needs to be an option to disable the hierarchy. I enabled it for testing purposes and now there are certain user restrictions. For instance, not all users see all of the contacts in our database, even though I changed the settings for them to view all contacts.

    Also, not all of our users have the ability to merge any contacts. We need this fixed and/or reversed as soon as possible and the support person I talked with was not being helpful. Their response was simply "only an admin has the ability to merge or be the owner of the account" when I am one of the admins. I made one of my colleagues the "topmost manager" and now I don't have the ability to merge contacts. 

    Again, we just want to disable the hierarchy because it is restricting all the user's settings. 

  • Kaja
    Hi Shannon,
    It is not really possible to disable hierarchy from the technical standpoint as it may cause some system conflicts, however if you think this feature would be useful please post the feature request here: Our PMs directly read and engage in this forum and take these requests into consideration in their future feature development.
    Normally the permissions should allow you to work out which agent can do which operations but if you are having issues with that please submit a ticket specifying a Sell permission issue and rest assured we will assist.

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