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  • Martin Cubitt

    The site says the Collaboration features include:

    • Light agents
    • Side conversations
    • CCs and followers

    But it also says "Note: CCs and followers are included in all Zendesk Suite and Support plans.".

    So what does collaboration offer in terms of CCs and followers that are not already in a Suite or Support plan?

    If I am using a Support plan, do not want side conversations, do want to use CCs and followers and am willing to pay a full agent license of a handful of users who don't need full access (ie Light agents in terms of collaboration), does this add-on give me any value?

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Martin
    If you don't need side conversations or light agents, then you don't need to purchase the Collaboration add-on, you can use CCs and Followers with any Suite and Support plan. See this article for information on how to enable it. Also note that the Collaboration add-on only applies to Legacy accounts. Light agents are included with Zendesk Suite Growth (and above) plans. And side conversations are included with Zendesk Suite Professional (and above) plans. 


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