Understanding discrepancies between Guide and Google Analytics data in Explore

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  • CJ Johnson

    "We are replacing “native” reporting dashboards in the Zendesk agent interface with Explore datasets. For example, the Knowledge Base dataset replaces the Knowledge Base tab in the reporting section of the agent interface. While we aim to provide feature parity between the two reporting tools, they are implemented differently. As a result, discrepancies might exist. Once a dataset is available in Explore, it should be considered the source of truth."

    This doesn't really make any sense from a reporting perspective. I'm seeing massive differences in the numbers and the answer being "well they just aren't quite the same" doesn't really cut it when we're talking about 20% +/- differences in the number of visitors (and we're talking 4 digits and higher visitor counts only).

    As a customer, I need to be able to trust the accuracy of the data and being told to just "accept this new version in Explore as the source of truth" with absolutely no explanations as to what exactly you're doing differently, doesn't give me any confidence in either reporting methodology. Can you tell us exactly why these are coming up so wildly differently? Can you provide some transparency here about how you're changing your collection methods and why the results are so drastically different? 


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