Installing and using the Tag Locker app

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  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Michael,
    Sorry to hear about this trouble. I'll go ahead and create a separate ticket on your behalf so that we can further discuss and troubleshoot this issue you posted.

    You may expect an email shortly with the ticket information.
  • Maude Joly
    Hi Caitlin, 

    By using macros, your agents will be able to override the settings of the app. 
    The aim of the app is to avoid manual mistakes that could be made in a ticket, macros would not be included in this scenario. 
    Unfortunately, there is no way to truly lock the editing of tags.
  • Sadie

    Hello!  Is there any way to get this app to show in the sidebar on the left instead of behind the "Apps" button on the right side of a support ticket?

  • Nara S.
    Hi Sadie, at this time it is not possible to move Apps into the left sidebar in Support when viewing a ticket.
  • Michael Custer

    I have a problem that whenever I input any information into the Tags available by group section, the app breaks... none of the tags become available.  I can add tags to Agents section, and admin section, but nothing to the group section(s).  I have reviewed the formatting and I am inputting it exactly as stated. 

    I have tested thoroughly.  I honestly can't see what I could be doing wrong.  

    Any thoughts or advice?


  • Sadie

    Thanks so much for the quick answer!

  • Caitlin Whitney


    We use this app to restrict the editing of tags for agents.  However, some of our agents have put actions relating to tags in their personal macros and this app seems to allow it.  For example, one agent used "set tags" in a personal macro, and they successfully removed every locked tag on a ticket with the exception of one.  Is this app supposed to allow agents to edit locked tags through macros?  Is there any way to truly lock the editing of tags, even through macros?

    Thank you


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