Explore recipe: Viewing the most common tags in tickets

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  • Samantha Chen

    Hi Ricardo,

    I've tried using Ticket Subject here, but the subject has to be the exact same as another one to be counted together. That's not a true word cloud, as it should be able to pick the most common single words out of all the ticket subjects. 

    Are there plans to expand this to Ticket Body? I'm trying to generate a word cloud for each team so they can see the most commonly used words in their tickets. Tags and Subjects don't suffice. 



  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...

    Unfortunately, there isn't anything on the roadmap for pulling key words out of the ticket subject or body at this time. I recommend posting in our Explore Product Feedback Community so this can be reviewed by our Product Managers. 

    In the meantime, it may be worth looking into automatic ticket tagging to utilize this recipe in capturing common ticket tags as mentioned in the beginning of this article. 

    Explore doesn't scan for the most common words used in your tickets. However, if you have automatic ticket tagging enabled, you can create a query based on the most commonly used ticket tags.

    Warm regards, 

  • Trina

    I've tried to create this recipe, but every time I try to select Word Cloud, it just reverts back to Table. It will not change the chart type for me. Any thoughts?

  • Geoffroy Rech

    For anyone interested, here is the the request from the Community so we can upvote this feature


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