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  • A A

    The fact that you cannot create dashboards on a growth plan, which costs $115 per agent, is ridiculous. 

  • Aline Vidal

    Could I create this dashboard and put available for agents?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Aline,

    You can share dashboards with individual users or groups of users that have been added in Zendesk Support. Users you've shared with will receive an email invitation to view your dashboard.
    When you share a dashboard with a user who has the Viewer role, they can see and interact with the dashboard. When you share a dashboard with a user who has the Editor role, they will have full access to the dashboard.
    To share a dashboard
    1. Depending on where you are in Explore, start sharing by doing one of the following:
      • If you have the dashboard open, click the drop-down arrow next to Share and select Share.
        Explore sharing menu
      • If you're previewing the dashboard, click Share.
        Dashboard sharing in edit mode
      • If you're in the dashboards library, click the Settings () icon to the right of the dashboard's name and select Share.
    2. In the Share dashboard window, select the users or groups that you want to share the dashboard with. If you’re not sure which users are in a group, hover your mouse over View info to see up to 20 members of the group, organized alphabetically. Explore dashboard sharing menu - Link sharing off
      Tip: To stop sharing a dashboard with any user or group, simply clear the corresponding checkbox in this window.
    3. Click Invite.
    Tip: You can schedule shared dashboards to be delivered on a regular basis. See Scheduling dashboard deliveries for more information.
  • Kyle Lessard

    Can you please add a Save button so that most recent edits to a dashboard can be saved and published when changing to "view" mode. Should be an easy thing to add.


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