About integrating Sell and Support for an overview of customer communication in your company

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  • Ryo Ogochi

    @... @..., this is a great feature.  I noticed only one problem--when I add may sales team to all the groups in support they need access to (as contributors), they end up getting email updates to all those tickets.  Is there any way to disable email updates to contributors? 

  • Krzysztof Dobrzyński
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Ryo!

    Notifications your sales team is receiving are handled by triggers in Support. You may want to adjust what kind of notifications are sent and to whom.

    I believe that the one that makes the most noise for your team is the trigger called "Notify group of assignment". You may want to start with this one and find out if it is helpful at all in your organization, or maybe you can set the action it performs from "Email group" to "Email user" and choose "(all non-restricted agents)" as an option - it depends on your case.


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