How does the Chat mobile app work?

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  • Sovellin Admin (Sovellin Ltd)

    I have been trying out your mobile app for chat, but do I seriously have to log in every time with Zendesk subdomain and then my user name and password? I find this time consuming as most apps at least remember your credentials after the first time so that you don't have to type them in every single time you want to log in, just confirm you wish to log in.

  • Jean-Charles Pascale

    Hi Meeri,

    I seem to have an automatic sign-in after I sign in at least once.
    There is even a "Remember Password" option on the log-in screen if you have a Chat-Only account.
    Could you confirm whether you are on Android or iOS?
    Do you sign out when you leave the App?

    Jean-Charles - Zendesk Support


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