Implementing cookie consent in your help center

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  • chaks.chigurupati

    Nova Dawn: May I request you to add a reference to  to Securiti's Consent Management platform as well?

    Thank you.

  • Prashant Sharma

    Hi Nova Dawn

    Please add Secuvy's Consent Solution to the list -


  • David

    We just started using the consent service from Though, their consent script seems to be overriding the Zendesk Widget (Classic) script entirely. Meaning that the widget is unavailable on our Guide.

    In what ways do you troubleshoot these widget script issues using third-party consent service?

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi David, thanks for writing in! It looks like you have submitted a conversation and a colleague replied. As always, you can reply to the conversation with any follow-up questions. Thank you! 


  • Martina

    Are any of those 3rd party tools capable of auto-blocking cookies that are set after filling a form, doing a search etc. until consent is given? Reading through OneTrust's documentation, those kind of cookies are not detected when doing a scan and therefore won't be blocked with their auto-blocking. Does anyone know of a way to go about this?

  • Manolo Jose


  • chaks.chigurupati

    Securiti offers an offline scanner for cookies that are dropped conditionally. Please check us out at

  • Tony Warding

    Our IT dept auto clear cookies every week on our local machines, this does not seem to have any impact on using Zendesk

  • Christian Perdikis


    I integrated my cookie consent script at the very head of the document_head.hbs file. However, we have google analytics integrated through the Zendesk Guide UI ("Guide Settings"), and the google tag fires before my cookie consent script.

    Where/how does the google analytics Zendesk Guide integration inject code? I think this should be covered in your article because it is likely the biggest use case for anyone who uses google analytics on their help center sites, but it won't be picked up by cookie consent tags because they fire after Google Analytics.

    Thank you! 


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