Bulk updating using a CSV file

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  • John Thompson

    The update process seems to be very slow when I need to update all companies/people in our account.  For being a bulk/batch update, this needs to be completed a lot faster to satisfy enterprise level customers.

  • Grzegorz Pogwizd

    Hi there John,

    Thanks for providing this feedback and indeed, the import process, whether an update or a new data import, can take a lot of time, depending on the amount of data that you're updating or adding. This is due to the mechanics of our Importer, which places data correctness and consistency over speed.

    Although I can't commit to anything solid, I'll make sure that our Developers get your feedback and take into account for any future updates to the Importer.

    Again many thanks for sharing your thoughts, we greatly value your input!

    Grzegorz Pogwizd
    Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk Sell

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  • Shameen Rana


    While importing data into custom address field, data is not getting imported that.

    I got the alternate suggestion to have address field into separated text fields and then import data into that, This way i wont be able to see an address properly, plus five fields(zip, state, city etc) wont be able to give the functionality to see that custom address on map.

    Please let me know, if we can get that fixed with custom application or some other way.

    That would be great.



  • Grzegorz Pogwizd

    Hi Shameen,

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Would you please be able to get in touch with the Advocacy Team through a regular support ticket again (if you already did) as we'd like to take a deeper look at what you're running into and figure out some better solutions?

    I'd greatly appreciate that. Thanks in advance!


  • Ted Feng

    1. For a field in ZDS the value was restricted to few options (can only select from a drop-down list), how to update the value back to "No value(leave it blank)" when update through importing? I tried to put in "No value" in csv, but it didn't work.

    2. Is there any way to remove an existing tag when importing?

  • Edgar Comper

    Hi Ted,

    Sell Import has the ability to override values when you're updating in batch. Unfortunately, you can't add a blank value back to the field, only a different one.
    That is also applied to your second question. 

    Alternatively, you can remove an existing tag from your customers under Settings > Customize > Leads/contacts/deals > Tags. This will remove the tag from your Sell account.

    I hope that helps.

  • Taylor Choonhaurai

    Is there anyway I can add a collaborator in a bulk upload? Also curious why collaborators are not editable in contact lists. We have a new employee that should be able to collaborate on all his managers cards bit I manually have to add him to almost 1000 contacts. Any ideas on an alternative? Thanks. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Taylor -

    I don't know that there's a way to bulk upload Collaborators, or to edit them in contact lists. Since this is product feedback, it'd be helpful if you could make a post about this in our Feedback on Sell, so others can see, vote, and comment on your idea. Please also check out Product Feedback Guidelines and how to write an effective feedback post to ensure that you provide the information our product team needs in order to evaluate your feedback. Thanks, and sorry I don't have an easier answer for you!

  • Adam Witek

    What about Business Names? I don't see that addressed in this article and I don't see it as a selection in the drop down menu(s) when mapping. I have a new list of employees and I need to assign them to their respective companies. How would I do that in bulk?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Adam,
    You can include 'Company name' column in your CSV file. Please check out our article Preparing your CSV file for the fields that you can include, and you can also use the Sample CSV template as a reference.


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