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  • Fiona W

    Hi - I'm looking for a recipe to see what is the first reply time when a ticket is created during a scheduled holiday. We have our holidays in the Support Schedule so I want to see how the FRT compares for those tickets vs created during non-holidays.


  • Gabriel
    Hello Fiona,
    I hope all is well! I would advise you to check this recipe here: Explore recipe: Reporting on first reply time. From there, you may add any time filter you prefer to filter the days you are looking to perform your analysis. 
    I hope this helps!
  • Fiona W

    Thanks, Gabriel. I was hoping there was an easier way to identify tickets created during holidays vs those created during other days, rather than manually selecting the date we had each holiday. Similar to how you can report on business vs calendar hours, how can I distinguish between business days and holidays? Thanks!  

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Fiona,
    You can use the following Explore metrics to create reports based on your business hours.
    In that same article, there's a note just on top of that section where it says "You cannot build reports based solely on holidays." This means that holidays are considered outside of business hours.
    If you're looking to report on ticket data during holidays, for now, you will have to manually filter them out depending on the type of date you're looking for (e.g. tickets created date, tickets solved date, etc.)
    Hope this helps! Stay safe!
  • Gaurav Sharma

    Hi ,

    I am trying to create a shift based ticket assignment ,and the tickets assigned in night shift for today are getting added in the next day as it will be after 12am , so how do i tackle this .

    Our org has 3 shifts  morning ,afternoon and nightshift and we want to track the number of ticket assignments everyday in each shifts.

    Could you please help .


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