Using Zapier with Sell

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  • Nilton Nakate

    Hi, how can I take all contacts associated to an Deal? I just find actions to take contact by ID and in findDeal or updated deal trigger has just the primary contact.

    There are any way to take other contacts?



  • John Espina

    Hi Nilton,

    If a deal has multiple contacts associated with it, you're only able to export the primary contact on the deal. otherwise, you would need to use the API to pull all associated contacts

  • Nilton Nakate

    tks @..., but I need a way to call this api on zappier :-(

  • John Espina

    Hi Nilton,

    In regards to that, you actually use the end-points on this article I provided before.
    GET /v2/deals/:deal_id/associated_contacts

    John Espina | Customer Advocate

  • Chandan


    Is there a way to send a SurveyMonkey form or a DocuSign contract to the contact associated with the deal with a click in the deal page (may be a button) or with a change in the value of a variable?

  • Asesor ESCENA

    Zap is not running in zendesk sell. I add the one converting messanger facebook conversattions into leads.

  • Erik Boudreault
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Karla,

    Thank you for raising this with the Zendesk Support Team!

    The Zapier integration products for Zendesk Sell are not supported by Zendesk as we did not develop these integrations.

    For issues with these integrations, if you could first reach out to the Zapier support team that developed the integrations, they should be able to assist you with configuration or support in regards to the connection not working properly.

    If you have any further questions on this please let me know and we can create a private ticket on your behalf and continue chatting there.

    Best regards,

    Erik Boudreault | Technical Support Engineer | Ask our Zendesk Community


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