Creating a CSV file to import leads, contacts, or deals

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  • Marco Lorenz


    is there an option to import quotes as notes?

    i tried to import quotes from SAP to Zendesk however only the first line of the quote is imported or the prices are overwritten to 1.

    our guys want to use the contacts from SAP and see the history when someone has quoted something. any way to do so?

  • Dion
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Marco,

    The Sell importer will be able to import any text as a note, which means that this can also import quotes. You should be able to see all notes in a contact in Sell by clicking into that contact and filtering to show just notes (if you only want to see notes).



  • Duncan Wigley

    Hi Sell Team,

    Just want to confirm something about importing multiple tags. The advice in the table above says to "Separate each tag with a comma." However I would expect this to destroy the structure of the csv file!

    Does sell do something in the background somehow to overcome this? Or should we separate different tags with some other character.


    Duncan W


  • Malinda
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Duncan,

    Separating each tag with a comma will not disrupt the CSV. This is our recommend format for a successful CSV file import.

    I hope that helps clarify!

    Malinda - Customer Advocate

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