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  • Lucy Husband

    Can anyone help with how to loop back to start over if a user has decided they would like to ask another question once they have selected 'yes' to 'does this answer your question?' - our configuration displays one last message to say 'Feel free to close this chat...While you are here, why not take a look at our available Boxes?'. However, if they then decide they have more questions do they have to completely come out of the chat and click back in to start over?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Lucy Husband


    The "start over" function used to be part of feedback flow changes, but the automated "Start over" option is no longer available. If you want to keep this functionality and are not using a greeting message, you can guide end users to navigate to the start by typing in a key phrase. More information can be found here

    1. Freyja

      Hello! I want to activate Flow builder for our widget but I have few questions:

      1) What happens if the user asks for something that is not pertinent? So in the case the bot is not trained. Does the boot provide random information (for example, a random bunch of articles that are the closest to the request) or say that it cannot find the answer? Is there a way to personalize eventually the "not found" message? 

      2) Is it possible to "auto-populate" the user request? So, when the user starts to write he can see already the possible options. 

      3) Is it possible to configure it in the way that it already provides some options to the user based on the page the widget is? For example, the widget is on the Order&Checkout page. The user opens the widget and there is a message saying "How can we help you today?" and he already sees some options - order is blocked, payment is not working, I want to cancel an item, etc...

      Many thanks as usual!


    2. Rebeca

      Hi, we would like to enable messaging to be able to use the flow builder with the bot, so we can make it easier for users to self-serve and suggest answers. However, we don't have the capacity to offer live support yet.

      If the customer says they are still having issues, is it possible to refer them to fill out one of our forms and submit a ticket instead of connecting to a human and having direct messaging?


    3. Amie

      hey Rebeca,

      As far as I'm aware, you're not able to link the new messaging widget to ticket forms. 

      I wish you could however I'm pretty sure this ability doesn't exist yet. :(



    4. Dane
      Zendesk Engineering
      Hi Federica,
      If the bot will not see anything related to your customer's query, it will ask your users to rephrase it. 

      As of the moment, it's not possible to auto populate the options. You can utilize intent so that your customers will automatically be routed to the correct flow based on keywords. This can also be used to display the most common concern that your customers might have.
    5. Jon Simone

      We have been using the older web widget in both our help center and apps as the last time I played with flower builder it did not have feature parity with the classic web widget. 

      I am interested to see if this is the case now. 

      There were 2 major issues we had back in 2021 - 

      A. With Flow Builder all roads lead to sending you to an agent even if one wasn't available. The way we function we need to allow users to request a callback, live chat or leaving a message. Are these options now available in flow builder? This needs to be true on both web and in app and we currently have this functionality with the classic widget. 

      B. Flow Builder was unable to pay any attention to business hours, has this been resolved? Additionally, can it display a chat button when an agent is available and make it disapear when an agent isn't? 

      I am also interested in any future collaborations with any LLM AI services.

      Thank you,


    6. Jason Walker-C

      Jon Simone Yes both are now solved. 

      A. Yes, you can use the send a message step at the end of flows. 

      B. It will obey business hours. You can use that at the beginning and the end of a flow. Good note towards the end here. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408822398106-Creating-a-schedule-with-operating-hours

    7. Tuule

      Hi! Is there programmatic access available to the flow builder, i.e. an API? I couldn't find anything at https://developer.zendesk.com/api-reference.

    8. Greg Katechis
      Zendesk Developer Advocacy

      Hi Tuule, there is not at this time and I'm not sure if that's something that's on any roadmap. If you have a good use-case for this, I'd recommend posting in the product feedback forum so that the correct people can get eyes on it!

    9. Dylan Lopez

      As all our bot building will originally be built within Sandbox is there anyway to currently export/copy the content to Production?

      If this is not possible now is there plans in the near future to have this feature available to us?

      I can picture this being extremely problematic to accounts which require a large selection of answers and options - recreating this from scratch in production doesn't seem feasible in this use case!

    10. Amie

      hey Dylan Lopez

      There's no way to copy content from the sandbox to production via the click of a button. You would need to potentially look at using the API to do any type of copying at the moment. 

      The other option would be to use a service like https://www.salto.io which can sync a prod & sandbox account together. 

      I do hear there are plans to release a feature to allow for sandbox content to be pushed back to production however when that gem might fruit, no one really knows. 

      Hope this helps. :)

    11. Mike Landers

      We're using the bot on our Android devices, but we can't find an intuitive way to close/refresh the chat widget after it's transferred to an agent.

      Can you provide documentation or instructions on how to close/refresh the bot at the end of the flow?

    12. Akash

      Amie : Do you know by any chance what bot they are using at Dan Murphy's? https://www.danmurphys.com.au/dm/home

    13. Evan McGivern

      Similarly to AnswerBot is it possible via messaging and flowbuilder to analyse the interactions our customers had with the flowbuilder bot that we deflected and it didn't turn into a ticket directly? 

    14. Mike DR
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hi Mike! This could help: Android SDK: Advanced integration
    15. Andres

      So I made a bot, and I turned on the web widget, but I can't figure out how to make the bot appear in the web widget. The "help" button appears in the lower right, but it's not the bot I created, it just ask for email and "how can we help you" with an attachment option, but it's not the bot I created.

      What am I missing? I want the help chat that appears in the lower right to be the bot I created. 

    16. JR Lausin
      Zendesk Customer Care

      Hi Andes,

      I will be creating a ticket on your inquiry so we can further assist you on this. Please expect an email about your ticket.

    17. Liam Kelly

      How do I see the flow builder? My screen looks very different from what I see here. Is there something I am missing?

    18. Francis Casino
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hello Liam,
      The bot builder serves as the essential tool through which you craft responses for your conversations, incorporate training phrases, define answers and steps, and ultimately launch your conversational experiences. Every answer-centric flow you design for your bot is constructed within the bot builder.
      If you encounter any difficulties accessing the bot builder, I recommend referring to the instructional video provided in this article. The video resource will assist you in resolving any issues related to accessing the bot builder effectively.
    19. yosuke tadaki

      Dear Zendesk team.

      Can the flow that I am using inside an organization (flowbuider) be copy-pasted (automatically transferred)  to another one of my organizations? supposing I do not have to build everything all over again. 


    20. Mike DR
      Zendesk Customer Care
      Hi Yosuke!
      Have you tried cloning the bot then linking it to the other org's channel?
    21. Lisa Tam
      Zendesk Product Manager

      Hi Evan McGivern

      Contained bot conversations can't be viewed today but we are planning to make this available later in the year. You can find more details about it in this post.


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