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  • Lucy Husband

    Can anyone help with how to loop back to start over if a user has decided they would like to ask another question once they have selected 'yes' to 'does this answer your question?' - our configuration displays one last message to say 'Feel free to close this chat...While you are here, why not take a look at our available Boxes?'. However, if they then decide they have more questions do they have to completely come out of the chat and click back in to start over?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Lucy Husband


    The "start over" function used to be part of feedback flow changes, but the automated "Start over" option is no longer available. If you want to keep this functionality and are not using a greeting message, you can guide end users to navigate to the start by typing in a key phrase. More information can be found here


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