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  • Marc Binns

    I've been searching around the admin areas and now the forums, but haven't found a way to sort based on TWO criteria. For example, Priority, THEN, Request date.

    We get a fairly high volume of requests and we use the priority field to alert team members to requests that should "jump the queue". Aside from priority, requests are processed based on age. The problem now is that agents have to always jump to the end of the view each time they visit it, in order to see if there are any new High priority requests they should pick up before others.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Marc,

    If you are trying to edit a particular view or create a new view from Admin > Manage > Views, kindly scroll down on this particular view. You should see the settings Group by and Order by side-by-side.

    On your own use case, look for the Priority in the dropdown option under the Group by. Next, look for the Request data in the dropdown option under the Order by. Set both settings with Descending order if you want to prioritize tickets with Urgent or High priority that recently came in on the very first page of the view.

    Don't forget to click on the Save button just below the following settings I have mentioned above. You can always go back to a particular view and change the Group by and Order by settings according to your business workflow.

    Hope I was able to clear this out. Cheers!

  • Marc Binns

    This worked perfectly, thanks @...

  • Rosemary Ferrari

    Do you have recommendations or examples of best practice, where there is a mix of work across brand.  ie where Agents work primarily within 1 brand, but may be supporting specific items across other brand, particularly where customer can be an end user of both brands.

    We are working through an optimisation project that is considering how best to structure the use of Multibrand, Agent Role, Agent Group within Zendesk and how that structure can be best leveraged to support best access to relevant Ticket Forms by customers (help centre) and to feed into Views and display of macros within the Agent Workspace to best serve the prioritised needs of customers. Obviously there are also considerations for how SLAs, particularly in cases with the layering of Brand, Ticket Form, and use of Priority (which will likely be auto adjusted using triggers or automations associated with macros used to refer/escalate)

    Base Scenarios:

    Brand A:  External Customers
    - Served mainly by Agent Group V with support from Agent group C.  
    -  Agent Group E may have items referred to or escalated to them for support.

    Brand B:  Internal Customers (Areas across our Business for who we provide direct service and also advice and support.  Many of whom are responsible for ongoing relationship with our External Customers, who are initially serviced under Brand A) 
    - Internal Customers are mainly serviced by Agent Group "E" with some transactional support requests directed to Agent Group "EV". 
    There are a couple of specific processes that are primarily serviced by Agent Group "V" with support from  Agent group "C".  During processing of these tasks the ticket may be escalated or redirected to Agent Group "E".  (The specific process related requests are submitted via widget/helpcentre on specific TICKET FORMS "SP" and while submission is from our Internal Customer, the task and ultimately many of the custom fields in ticket form are related to identification of the External Customer noted in Brand A and their relevant activity with us - as processed in our currently non-integrated CRM) 

    Another way to look at this would be:
    Agents from group V OR C would be initial point of contact for majority (or until external brand Help Centre is enabled - All) of inbound support requests for Brand A, but may refer ticket to Agent Group E for additional support or action.  Along with Group V or C being initial point of contact specific Ticket Form submissions from Brand B's HelpCentre).  Different Role Types will exist amongst agents in group V, as some work very limited specific tasks/tickets, while others across multiple tasks.

    Agents from Group E would be initial point of contact for Brand B - except for specific ticket form submissions requiring initial processing by Agent Group V or C.  They need to have ROLE Access that supports them to interactions with customer that may include support under Brand A , but only need to work on support items from Brand A that are specifically referred to the Group.

    Group EV would be exclusive to Brand B but largely work on specific tasks as required (View based or as allocated)


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    @Rosemary Ferrari,
    When it comes to workflow implementation, we have our Partners or Zendesk Professional services that can help you out. You can always coordinate with them to determine what would be the best option that will seamlessly work for your organization.
  • Jason Perez

    Is it possible to sort a view, when an agent is in their view to sort by subject?

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jason Perez I'm afraid sorting Views by subject is not possible anymore as we have removed the ability to sort Views by Subject, Submitter and Group last year as part of our move for scaling Views. We have plans to improve Views functionality so stay tuned or follow our Release Notes page as soon as the new features are available :) Thank you! 


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