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  • Penrose Hill / Firstleaf

    Just a couple of thoughts to help others that may reference this article.  

    I wanted to see what % was answered within threshold vs what was breached so I did this a bit different. 

    First for the standard metric - I did:

    IF (([Call direction]="Inbound")
    AND (VALUE(Call wait time (sec)) <= 30))
    THEN [Call ID]

    Then for the Result Metric Calculation - I did this:

    COUNT(Calls answered less than 30 seconds)/D_COUNT(Inbound calls)

    I also added a filter for calls outside business hours and set it to "false" as I wanted to only measure what came in during hours we were open and not distort the %.  

    Agree with what many others have written - this should be part of the live dashboard.  I've never seen a phone system missing something so basic.  

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for adding these tips, Kim!

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