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  • Justin Near

    How do you remove the flag "This ticket is flagged as a potential risk"?

  • Erica Girges
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    This request was closed and merged into request #9708925 "[Community Post] Adding Flags to...".

  • Matan Arik

    I'm a little confused as to why it suddenly started happening after over a year. But every ticket from our typeform is now being flagged. 
    How can we remove this potential risk flagging? 

    Can we not have a - This message is not suspicious for me to cancel it?
    Or have the allowlist option to affect "This message is suspicious"? 


  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Ksenia and Justin,

    it seems like both of you are referring to the new feature that has already been rolled back due to customer Feedback which is using ticket alerts to help defend against email phishing attacks.

    You can read more about it in this article:
  • Ksenia Shanyuk

    Reference above, we have some users who have multiple sites with us. And at times they raise tickets from a different email domain, i do not recall below message pops before, but will this fall under this scenario where it is just ZD flagging the fact the the ticket is raised by a person with a different email address as opposed to what is registered under this particular site?

  • Tommy

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is there any way to add this flag from the Zendesk API? Currently when I try to do it, it adds the flag to the 'custom' section of the metadata, as opposed to actually editing the 'flags' section of the metdata? Thanks!


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