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  • Marci Abraham

    Thanks again for your help on this @.... My ticket was FINALLY escalated and the tech immediately realized that I had "allow end users to RESET passwords" disabled. This was part of our former SSO strategy and had never been reenabled.

    Just wanted to mention it here in case it helps someone else....it is a vital piece of the "did you email us? get a password" process that doesn't seem to be well documented. I never found it in all of my searches for a solution...but I was not using the terminology of a "reset" because I was trying to just "allow" passwords to be used in the first place...I didn't realize the problem would be connected to the password reset process.

    Happy New Year :)

  • Alexander Short

    Hi Zendesk - 

    Can we please have the understanding of how to do the below? 

    1. A user(our client)  does some action in our website. (e.g: filling a form) and we have their email address in our database. Note that user does not send any email to anybody. He/she just clicks on a button or fills a form.

    2. Our backend calls Zendesk API

    3. Zendesk should create a ticket , in a way that it seems our client has created this ticket (the ticket should be ready to be replied to the email of our client)


    Is this possible? Thank you

  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Alex, 

    Thanks for writing! It seems you want the submitter or requester from your form to be the ticket requester when a ticket is created in your Zendesk. This is possible and you may want to create a custom form so that the requester will automatically be the email address of the user who submitted a request. You may check this guide - Building a custom ticket form with the Zendesk API . Thank you!


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