Connecting your Google calendar with Sell

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  • Dana

    Agreed!  When Type=Task, add a due date and after you changed the status of the ticket when you go back to the ticket, there is a link "add to calendar" (unfortunately the default is Outlook Calendar - I am sure there is a way to change it to Google). I have searched the Help of Zendesk for more information on how this is set up/used in Support, however, I have not found anything.  @Sophie McMonagle, can you engage the Product Manager for Support and provide a link to the functionality of "add to calendar" for Support?

    Thank you,


  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Thank you Amie and @... for your comments on this article! 

    I will be sure to pass along your feedback internally, but if you have a moment, please post your feedback in the Support Community Feedback section. Our Product Managers review that section of the Community and other users go to those sections to upvote feedback suggestions that they also want to see added to the product. 

    Lastly, I wanted to offer a few suggestions I found while searching for a calendar integration in our Marketplace and third-party application options: 


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