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  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...

    We're actually modernizing the Content Cues experience as we speak and soon have this available for you (Look out for our announcements).

    In the new version we'll focus on giving you access to more tickets in your support topics instead of directly recommending articles related to each support topic. We'd be very interested in hearing your feedback on this change when you get a chance to work with it. 


  • Annamarie Jackson

    Hi Monika,

    My first impression is: "Wow, you're taking away a feature!" Sure, AI could get it better, but it's useful to see how close the AI gets. It's a start....a "cue."

    Couple questions?

    1. Why is taking away a feature called "modernizing"? "Modernizing" often implies an improvement. What is the "improvement" and what is the benefit?

    2. You say "instead of directly recommending articles." Are you "indirectly" recommending articles somehow? If so, I'd like to know, because it sounds like I'll have to guess about the articles you're recommending once the feature is "modernized."

    I'm a tech writer, and I want to maximize the articles available to our clients and to our support, so recommended articles is what I look for. Knowing associated articles help understand our findability.

    I wouldn't mind having related support tickets on top of the current feature. Could it be configurable as to which you'd or guide articles?

  • Suzie Baunsgard

    I think this will make sense for most of our use case (which is driven off of support cases) since I use analytics, votes, and release dates to pick what to update, and I need help seeing the trends in our tickets that would inspire new articles. 

    On the other hand, my teammate runs an info portal for another brand that's not driven by support tickets, and it's not an improvement for her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @... and @...

    Thanks for sharing your impressions, and it is truly appreciated! You bring an interesting point forward which we did not hear represented in our research, and I'd be very keen to have a chat with you. I'll get in touch with you through a ticket. 

    To just make sure that everyone is on the same page, there will still exist cues for support topics and articles to update/archive in Content Cues in the upcoming release.

    It is the three related articles in support topics that will be affected to make room for new exciting features while keeping the user experience simple. We believe that the upcoming release will provide you with more context to better help your customers. If this turns out not to be true for you, then we're of course very happy to learn more. 

    Thanks both!

  • Laetitia Bonaldo

    Hi Monika!

    I just read your announcement and I'm super intrigued with the improvements. Thanks for clearly laying them out for us.

    In this article, the following note is mentioned:

    "You cannot view tickets that are closed before they are detected by Content Cues. This is the reason why there could be a discrepancy between the amount of tickets you see, when clicking view tickets and the total count of tickets assigned to the support topic."

    I was wondering what Support would need to do to increase the number of tickets that Content Cues detects and reduce this discrepancy? I'm not sure we understand how the Content Cues detection works, essentially. This way, Technical Writers, like myself, would have more tickets included in the list that we can analyze for insights when we click View Tickets.

    Also, do you have best practices for Support ticket labels to improve the performance of Content Cues?

    Very Best,


  • Ariane Frances dela Cruz

    Hi Laetitia

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to influence the number of tickets that Content Cues detects because it is done automatically by our algorithms. You can look for common keywords and phrases that are on at least 11 tickets, and then add as a Support topic. As for best practices and closed tickets that were not detected immediately by Content Cues, it’s still a brand new feature that is being reviewed and improved by on the feedback we receive from our users. I encourage you to share this with our Product Team in Feedback on Guide.

  • Gwyn Mabo

    When clicking the View Tickets button, it shows 0 in all the sections, even though it shows a preview of 3 tickets as expected. I am an Administrator. What might be causing me to be unable to view the tickets feeding into the content cues?

  • Ariane Frances dela Cruz

    Hi Gwyn,

    I would love to further check this for you. I’ll be opening a ticket for this concern and please expected an email shortly.

  • Todd S.

    In the Articles to Review section, when you click on one of the articles, a notice appears stating "this article has received XX views in the last 60 days."  Is there a way to either add a column reflecting the number of views to the "Articles to Review" table, or to otherwise pull a report that reports that? I would DEFINITELY be interested in that for Document Management purposes! Thank you!

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Todd,
    You can create a simple query by using the Guide - Knowledge Base dataset. Here's a sample that I have created.

    You can also check our available Explore: Guide recipes for additional queries that can help in your Document Management.
  • CJ Johnson

    This is breaking the heck out of automations by causing tickets get "updates" in the form of a content cue, when the ticket has been pending and untouched otherwise for days. This makes it impossible to have the system re-open tickets that have been pending with no updates for 2 days, for example, because content cues is touching them and "updating" them during that time. Is there anyway to get this to stop happening? 

    Edit: How can I turn this feature off? 

  • Steven Hampson

    I have the same issue as CJ. We are using the bump-bump-solve process to close tickets because a lot of our customers don't reply. A ticket should be closed if no update after x number of hours, but the content cue tags counts as an update and it restarts the timer. There isn't a way to stop this with triggers, since 'update via' does not include automated processes. 

    Is there some way to disable this process, or have it not counted as an update for automations? 



  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Steven, 
    You can dismiss the content cue to prevent content cue tags from updating tickets. 
    More information here: Dismissing Content Cues to tidy up the suggestion list
  • Timm Ferree

    I don't understand what the "Articles to Review" section is about. What determines which articles are listed and what is the recommended action to take on them? 

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Timm,

    The Articles to Review tab shows articles that either

    1) have gotten a lot of pageviews but haven't been updated in a while, or

    2) have gotten very few pageviews and may need to be archived.

    You can check this article for more information.


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