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  • Hannah Meier
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thank you for that information, Jean-Edouard,

    I'm going to go ahead and pull this issue into a ticket so I can get more account-specific details to troubleshoot this issue. You should see an email shortly with the ticket information.

  • Hector Estrada

    Hello, is there a recipe to show how many what trigger or agents assigned a ticket? 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    There's no direct way to extract this data. However, you can utilize tags and triggers to pull such data moving forward. You just need to modify your existing triggers that assigns tickets to add a tag that can be used to identify of when it was fired. Refer to the simple version of the trigger below.

    Once this is done, you can then use Reporting with tags to create a query. The same can also be done for agents. You can create a trigger that will tag a ticket whenever the assignee was changed.

    You can then create a report from Tickets::Tickets Update Dataset to extract the data from these tags.
  • shelley


    Is there a recipe like this for chat tickets? We have Assigned Chats set up and would like to track for each agent how many chats were reassigned to another agent. So inessence, how many chats the original assignee missed, therefore the chat was passed onto another agent.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    This is a good recipe to start with Explore recipe: Chat engagements and duration by department. Once you're done with it, it will give you an idea on how to utilize chat engagement dataset to create your own report.
  • Paul K

    Is there a difference between the 'Assignee reassignments (custom)' metric that this article suggests creating and the 'Assignee reassignments' metric that is already in Explore?

    The formula for both metrics is identical, so is the step for creating that '(custom)' metric necessary?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Nice catch! It immediately pushed me to test it on my end as well. However, I have found out that the pre-built 'Assignee reassignments' does not have 'Compute separately' enabled. On the other hand, both of the custom formula on this article have.
  • Jay Gianan


    I did try to check and verify the numbers on the Ticket assignments. I noticed the following:

    • This report doesn't count the ticket assigns on agents that have not touched the ticket. 
    • This report doesn't count how many tickets where assigned to agents via Routing App

    Ex. I have agent A where ticket was assigned to initially via Routing App, then due to no action, ticket was assigned to agent B via Playlist. When I pulled reporting, the assignment to agent A doesn't show.

    The way the data shows appears this counts the number of tickets "assigned by" not "assigned to", given that it only counts the number of tickets assigned by agents to themselves (via playlist or tickets initially created/assigned to them by themselves -- not sure if includes tickets assigned to them when they directly cared for a ticket without manually assigning it to themselves [still checking on this]), but not tickets assigned by other users to the agents

    I also challenged this discovery by filtering admin roles on the list and it shows number of tickets assigned by admin.

    Please note that this roles don't get assigned tickets to them checking on events on tickets.

    I'm still hoping to find means how to get how many tickets were assigned to agents. Hoping to find answers soon.



  • Andrew Robinson

    @Joyce I am having a similar issue where it seems that b/c they assign to themselves but don't change any other fields it doesn't show in this metric.....I'm stumped, did you ever find a solution

  • Paul Spencer

    Hey ZD,

    Thanks for this. How would I add dates to this to see how many tickets an engineer has worked in a day/week regardless of where the ticket is or who it is assigned to now?

  • James G
    Hello Joyce, 

    It looks like you are using the attribute "Updater role" on your report based on the screenshot you shared. In this recipe, the attribute mentioned is "Update ticket assignee" which means the name of the ticket assignee after a ticket update. As a result, it should give you the name of the staff to whom it was "assigned to". 

    For example, if a ticket is assigned to an agent for the first time, then it will be counted in the custom metric New ticket assigns and will be under the name of the ticket assignee where it was assigned regardless of whether the ticket was touched by that agent or not. 

    Hello Andrew, 

    I would suggest using the "Update ticket assignee" as mentioned in this recipe to ensure that tickets assigned to themselves by your agents will be counted under their names. 

    Hello Paul, 

    You may choose any of the time attributes we have in the Updates history dataset that would suit your reporting needs. You may check the list of the available time attributes here - Updates history attributes

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