Working with currencies in Sell

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  • Austine Hipol
    Hi Diana, 
    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk Sell!
    Note that each account Zendesk Sell account has one account currency that the reports are based on, but other than that each deal can have its own local currency applied.
    Please see thesample Deal Card screenshot below:

    For more information, we also have an article: Working with currencies in Sell (Enterprise and Elite)
    Please let me know if you have further questions.
  • dianakurth

    Hi Austine,

    I understood the above and had well integrated the article.

    You mean then: the deal is in a local currency and 'in the background' it is always 'ready' to be calculated into the default account currency, right? 

    Because in a deal you may not have $ and £ at the same time.

    Thank you, br, D

  • dianakurth

    Hi Nova, 

    can you explain how a deal can have more than one currency?

    Thanks, br, D


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