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  • Kitty Lee


    I followed your instruction but received the following error - 

    "The set of calculations isn’t valid. The calculated attribute "firstpublicreplyagent-a35b7392a0" references "Comment public" which is as an unknown attribute. Adjust the calculation and try again. (Error code: 11c3fd53)"

    What can I do to fix it?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kitty,

    We suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support so we can have a closer look at the Query that you are working on


  • Chris Gould

    We just used DATE_FIRST_FIX function to find the time the first call was made against a ticket ID, given a ticket can have multiple calls, DATE_FIRST_FIX was ideal.

    We were able to nest this into a DATE_DIFF to find the length in time between the ticket creation and the first call. You can then aggregate any way you like as there is only one value provided per ticket ID.

    DATE_DIFF(DATE_FIRST_FIX([Call - Timestamp], [Ticket ID]), [Ticket created - Timestamp], “nb_of_minutes”)


  • Patrick Lieu

    This is great Nhia!

    I'm just having issues with the below step:

    13. In the Filters panel, add the First public reply agent attribute and configure this to exclude NULL.

    I'm running into the below error:

    Any idea on how to fix this or how to edit the query in such a way that it doesn't pull up every single updater's name in our database?

  • Nhia Lor
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Patrick,

    If you're finding that the custom attribute "First Response Agent" is taking too long to load then its potentially due to the increased amount of real attribute or NULL values which can sometimes result in that particular error.

    To get around this I can also recommend creating a custom metric that implicitly excludes the NULL values then applying a metric filter.  In the case of this recipe as we're using the default metric "Tickets updated w/public comment" the custom metric would be something like this:

    IF ([Comment present] = TRUE AND [Comment public] = TRUE AND [First public reply agent]!=NULL)
    THEN [Update ticket ID]

    And then you would just need to apply the query metric filter under Result manipulation > Metric filter.  And ensure it's set to at least "1".

    Alternatively you could always specify and hardcode your agents names into the custom metric itself as well so hopefully these suggestions help to overcome the difficulty you've encountered there!

  • Judy Correia
    Zendesk Luminary

    My report seems to include the originating ticket comment (when ticket was created by a customer) in this report. I'd expect to see only agent first replies. why would the originating comment be included? Should the report not show first agent replies after the ticket was originally logged?

  • Tony
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Judy,
    We suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support, so we can have a closer look at the query that you are working on.
     I see you created a ticket with us already. We will get back to you as soon as possible,
  • Ariya

    I can't find any agent when the ticket channel is Messaging.


    Because messaging didn't use public reply.

    how to solved/find that agent if the ticket is from messaging channel?

  • Francis Casino
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Ariya,
    We recommend that you get in touch with our Customer Support team. This will enable us to provide a more in-depth troubleshooting of the query you are currently working on. 

    Our dedicated support team is well-equipped to assist you and address any specific details or concerns you may have, ensuring that you receive the most effective and tailored assistance for your situation.

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