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  • Craig Leonard

    This will prove to be super handy thanks Jess. 

    Is there a way that I could remove all characters leading up to the first _ without specifying the string and number of characters?

    So I wouldn't have to created a custom attribute for each tag if I had multiple tags per ticket -hopefully that makes sense. 

    Many thanks.

  • Flair Customer Support

    I agree. It seems like this should be baked into Explore.

  • Jozef B

    To get around having duplicate tags with identical names, I sometimes use the following format:


    Generally, when I'm reporting, I don't care about the groups and want to see only the specific tag with decent formatting. The code below will accomplish this and remove any number of groups/sub groups.

    To make this work as expected, tags cannot have slashes "/" in them except when separating groups.


    REGEXP_REPLACE(REPLACE(REGEXP_REPLACE([Ticket tags], "([^\/]*\/)*", ""), "_", " "), "^[a-z]", UPPERCASE(REGEXP_EXTRACT(REPLACE(REGEXP_REPLACE([Ticket tags], "([^\/]*\/)*", ""), "_", " "), "^[a-z]")))




    Hope this is helpful for anybody who might use tags in a similar way.

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for sharing this, Jozef!

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