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  • Jacob Johst Christensen

    Hi @...

    I usually want to prevent any filter on one tab from affecting queries on other tabs, and I make sure to tick the "Do not share across tab" checkbox. Have you tried un-ticking this for filters on your first tab and see if those filters apply to the queries in your other tabs?


  • Hannah Meier
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello @...,

    As discussed previously, the "reset" button on the bookmarks is working as designed. The "reset" button on a bookmark resets all filters so that they no longer impact any dashboard filters. If you have hidden filters that you wish to always be active, then I'd recommend that you hide the "reset" button on your bookmark widgets. 

    If you want a tab at the front of the dashboard that filters all other tabs on your dashboard, you can do this by making sure you place the same exact filters on each tab of the dashboard (hiding them is you don't want them to be visible) and making sure you have the "do not share across tab" box (mentioned by Jacob above) unchecked.

  • Mike Domin

    Is there a way to set up a dashboard filter option to "is empty" or "is not empty" or something similar?

    In this example, every single comment is in the dropdown when attempting to filter. I would like two options, tickets with comments and tickets without comments.


  • Romona

    Hi Mike,

    Romona, it sounds like I may need to know more about your use case in order to better assist. However in general when an attribute is added as a Data Filter but is not required on a Ticket, then you will likely have a "Null" value option among the other values for the attribute. The "Null" value represents the absence of any of the other attribute values. To learn more about this check out the article here:

    So in essence you can filter the attribute to show either the tickets where the filter attribute was applied ( by selecting the specific value of the attribute that was used on a ticket )or not applied, illustrating the "Null" value.

    Romona | Technical Support Engineer | San Francisco

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  • Eric Prado Estrada

    Buen día tengan todos
    Agradezco de antemano cualquier ayuda que pudieran darme

    Tengo un filtro de agente, que me da todos los agentes registrados. 
    Para el usuario final del reporte quisiera solo darle la opción de elegir ciertos agentes de ese filtro. (es decir, prefiltrarle el filtro)

    ¿Hay alguna forma de lograrlo?

  • James McCoy

    I want to align all the Satisfaction charts to use Ticket Created Date, but when I change the dates I want to use in the filter config AND the query config, none of the data actually filters. Even when I modify the queries themselves and replace 'Ticket solved Date' with 'Ticket created Date', the data seems to remain tethered to its preferred date perspective.

    How do I tell the Satisfaction tab to filter EVERYTHING by Ticket created date?

  • Jacob Johst Christensen

    Hi James,

    Not sure exactly what the cause of your issue is, but I suspect it could be either a hidden bookmark or maybe the queries themselves are excluding the filter you want.

    I hope this helps.

  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Crawford, 

    The clickable link features is available for ID attributes like Ticket ID, User ID and Organization ID. I'm afraid this is available with updater email or agent email. 

    If you believe that this functionality would be a welcome addition to Explore, I encourage you to create a new post in the General Product Feedback - Reporting and analytics (Explore) in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs and discuss possible workarounds. Conversations with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.
    Specific examples, details about impact, and how you currently handle things are helpful for our product teams to understand the full scope of the need when working on solutions. 
    We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the forums help influence future Zendesk functionality.
  • Crawford Philleo

    Hello - when linking data filters between data sets on a dashboard, is it required to link them from both filter widgets, or do you only need to do it for one of them? For example, if I have a "Submitter role" filter on a Tickets Data set filter, and an equivalent one on the Ticket Updates Data set, is it sufficient to Link via the Tickets filter only, or do you need to do this from one to the other on BOTH of them?

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Crawford,


    Based on my testing, if you have multiple data filters on a dashboard, but they are for the same attribute (for example, if you have 2 data filters and both of them are for Submitter role, one for Tickets dataset and one for Ticket updates dataset), then the linking will only apply to whichever filter you set the link to.

    Let's say, like in the scenario above, in my dashboard, I have 2 data filters, one for Ticket dataset which is for Assignee Name (Widget 1 1), and the other for Ticket Updates dataset, for Assignee name as well (Widget 2). I change the settings for Widget 1 and link this to the Ticket Updates dataset. That means, if I change the filter value for this, then it will affect my Ticket Updates dataset query.

    On the other hand, in the same dashboard, if I make changes to the Widget 2, then it will still only affect the Ticket Updates queries.


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